One Night Only…TONIGHT! The Best Production of “Servant of Two Masters” You’ve Ever Seen at the Crocker Art Museum

Thursday, January 12th: 7pm & 8pm

On the second Thursday of every month, the Crocker Art Museum hosts Art Mix – an after hours exhibit event complete with entertainment, food and drinks.

For January’s Art Mix, Scavenger Theatre has produced a new version of Carlo Goldoni’s Servant of Two Masters which will be performed at 7pm & 8pm, Thursday, January 12th

The performance is designed to enhance your experience of the Florence and the Baroque exhibit and is FREE with your museum admission ($10).

What’s so special about Commedia?

Commedia is a form of street theatre that originated in 16th century Italy; it was almost entirely improvised by acting troupes who were given some characters and a plot, then sent on stage to put on a show.
The plots were simple, and driven by stock characters who were recognizable by both actors and audience by their appetites and motivations, as well as their extreme physicalities. Each masked character also has specific identifying features – you’ll see the prominent differences in our show.

Commedia is essentially “the human comedy.” The stock characters are fueled by one of the main appetites that we see in ourselves and those around us: the hunger for food, money, sex, power, or justice. We’ve seen all these characters before, in cartoons, in films, and in our own lives. We laugh because we recognize the greedy old man who will screw anyone over for a dollar, the prideful master full of false bravado, the gasbag who just loves the sound of his own voice.

As an ensemble, we have gone back to the improvisational roots of Commedia, stripping the plot down to the barest bones and building on it in workshop rehearsals. The show you’ll see was created  by this cast and crew from the plot written by Carlo Goldoni. With a cast like ours, be prepared for one fantastic show! One night only at the Crocker Art Museum – more info at the link below.

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Servant of Two Masters is directed by Amelia Van Brunt and April Brown.

Stage Manager: Nikki Holbein

Costumer: Noelle Young


Truffaldino: Anthony M. Person
Pantalone: Brent Bianchini
Dr. Lombardi: Brandon Duff
Beatrice: Rachael Sherer
Florindo: Amelia Van Brunt
Clarice: Analise Langford
Silvio: Trina Palmer
Smeraldina: Breanna Reilly
Brighella: Julian Sandoval
Waiter 1: Ceanne Brunton
Waiter 2: John Crabtree
Waiter 3: Nikki Holbein

Performances are this Thursday, January 12th at 7pm and 8pm in the Crocker Auditorium on the first floor.

Crocker Art Museum
216 O Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

The Best Funkin’ Time You’ve Ever Had (with Robots)

When you come to the Crocker on Thursday evening, November 10th, you not only get to experience the artwork of Clayton Bailey and the fabulous TOUR OF WONDERS, you can also:

  • Meet Captain Richard Joke, Kaolithic Fossil Hunter and the other members of the…

  • Make your own mini-robot!
  • Dance to Sci-Fi Soundracks!
  • Sip on a cocktail!
  • See LIVE Robotics inventions from UC Davis!
Click to view Facebook Event

Tour of Wonders: An Original Production Inspired by the Artwork of Clayton Bailey

See the artwork of Clayton Bailey come to life in this original theatrical production by Scavenger Theatre. We will be performing the piece inside the Clayton Bailey exhibit at the Crocker Art Museum, so the action will be taking place intermingled with the art! The show features several well known local talents portraying characters we have created based on Mr. Bailey’s innovative and unique style of art: Amelia Van Brunt, Analise Langford-Clark, Brandon Neal, Brandon Duff, Ceanne Brunton, Dan Sattel, Rob Hayes, Serge Vysochin, Shanna Dickenson and Steve Mackay. It has been directed by Bobby Grainger with lots of help from Nicole Holbein.

The show was co-written by Brandon Duff, Dan Sattel, Rachel Sattel, April Brown and Clayton Schoetker.

Spend a minute or two on Clayton Bailey’s website and you’ll see why this whole project has been so much fun!

As part of their ArtMix series at the Crocker Art Museum (, the museum will be open from 5pm-9pm. Drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and food will be served.  ArtMix is free with your Museum admission and is always free for Museum members.

Performances of the “Tour of Wonders” will be at 6:30pm and 7:30pm on November 10th. (click for Facebook Event)

Additionally, the fantastical world of Clayton Bailey has transformed the Museum with a pop ray gun shooting range, dancing to sci-fi film soundtracks, jars of Claytonium, as well as robotic inventions from the University of California, Davis School of Robotics.This should be an evening to remember!

Tickets to the museum may be purchased at the museum entrance for $10 or by visiting the Crocker ticketing website at:

We hope you can make it out to support this new and exciting adventure. And…we will be performing Servant of Two Masters in the gallery in January to showcase Commedia dell’Arte, so keep an eye out!